At our factory we use the most modern digital textile printing machinery

Due to the carefully planned technology

with pre- and post-treatment machines we are able to make in every case a colour space, and – depending on the pattern – a vibrant or even a photorealistic print on the textiles. If you are interested in the details how the chosen textile turns into a printed product, look at the process flow diagram below.


Preparation and creation of endless textiles

Creation of large wraps by sewing together small ones in order to continuous production.

Preparation for printing

Application of chemicals in order to fix the printed colours.


Application of colours according to the required pattern by ink-jet printer.


Fixation of the printed colours to the textile fabric.


Removal of chemicals and the paint that has not set from the textile fabric.


Drying the textile.


Application of posttreating chemicals and setting the final size of the textile.

Quality control

Qulaity control of the product, creating as long textile wraps as required.


Packing of cut-to-length wraps in film of plastic.